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A hundred years ago that may well have been the case. Rain that fell on streets and roads was led into a ditch and that was that. But as modern society evolved, more and more surfaces where paved and traces of modern life ended up on the pavement. When rain falls, it is washed down into the storm water systems that are part of any populated area today. Oil, heavy metals, chemicals and hazardous compounds are washed out to some adjacent wetland, normally without any purification whatsoever.

Storm water is the forgotten pollution.

Resolving the storm water problem will require a number of measures. From adapting wastewater treatment plants and building sedimentation dams and traps, to installing filters in storm water drains. For fixed installations, the maintenance cost will normally overshadow the initial investment, and continuous maintenance is key for their utility and function. With SweDrop the maintenance cost is minimal. The filter is changed in a quick operation, which can be combined with the regular sludge removal from the drain. The used filter is placed in the same box in which the new filter is delivered and then collected for incineration.

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