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This is our organisation. Swedrop is situated in Helsingborg, Sweden.
Swedrop  AB and our sister company Swecin AB are fully owned by Beyond Clean Water AB (BCW).  The owners of BCW are a small group of private investors and individuals. We are committed to developing innovative products that contribute to keeping our limited supply of water clean.
Patrick Baltscheffsky

Patrick Baltscheffsky


Patrick is the head of Swedrop AB and BCW. He has worked in engineering, sales and management consultancy over a period of 35 years  with experiences from large multinationals as well as start-up’s. He holds degrees in Electronic Engineering (Chalmers U. of Tech.) and Business Management (London Business School).

+46 (0)72 194 76 03


Members of the Board
Beyond Clean Water AB

Knut Pousette
Mr. Pousette is chairman of D.Carnegie AB and CEO of Stendörren AB. He has worked within the finance and property sector för more than 20 years and holds a degree in Law from Lund Univerity.

Roger Johansson
Member of the Board
Mr. Johansson is an employee of Pareto Securities in N.Y, USA. He has been involved in Swedrop AB and Swecin AB from an early stage. He holds a degree in Finance from NYU.