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The disposable Swedrop storm water filter is the solution for attacking storm water pollution at the source. Rapid, simple and cost efficient. Swedrop can be deployed without any investments in fixed equipment or plant. Simply drop the Swedrop filter into the storm water drains. Typically, after 12 months, the filter is exchanged and the used filter is sent to incineration. All absorbed pollutants are thus removed from the environmental cycle and destructed or taken care of in a controlled manner.


Innovative filter, well-known materials
SweDrop, the disposable floating storm water filter is an innovation that dramatically changes the cost structure of cleaning storm water at the source, in the storm water drain. But no chain is stronger than the weakest link. This is why we use well-established ad/absorbents. Materials that have proven themselves practically as well as in scientific studies.


  • Polypropylene fibre, which is also used in oil booms and in cleaning process water from hydrocarbons.
  • Activated carbon is probably the most common adsorbent of polluting compounds in general. We use granules that optimize flow rate and exposed area.
  • Furnace slag, crushed and fractioned, is an excellent adsorbent of heavy metals as well as phosphorus an ammonium. Moreover, it forms a strong bond to the adsorbed substances. An important factor in the planning of the environmental cycle.

The filter and an equally innovative funnel design work together to channel rainwater through the filter whereas sand, leaves and twigs are directed outside of the filter and end up in the sludge trap.

Swedrop is designed to absorb a wide range of harmful substances: Oils and PAH, Phosphorous, Nitrogen, phosphate (PO4), the 33 prioritised substances in the EU directive as well as heavy metals, including Cadmium, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Lead, Mercury…

Designed for management & control.
Each filter has an RFID tag embedded which assigns a unique identity to it. This gives you the tool to track individual filters throughout their life cycle and the basis for proof of destruction when it is finally incinerated.

Rugged & easy to handle.
Swedrop is a floating filter, manufactured of durable plastic components that contain selected absorbents. The design fits in a large number of different storm water drains and is developed with ease of deployment and handling in mind.

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