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The clips were broadcasted in October 2013 in the Swedish public radio station P1, in the program Klotet.

Listen to the clips here. (They are about 2 and 5 minutes long).

In short summary the clips are about how heavy metals, oils, hydro carbons, pesticides and other harmful substances are flushed from our streets and roads directly down the stormwater drain and untreated released into the nearest lake or stream, often close to where we take our kids for a fun day at the beach during the summer.

The stormwater researcher Godecke Blecken says that there are many municipalities in Sweden that are ahead in their stormwater management, but also that there are many that are far behind. He also mentions that there are some countries in the world that are far ahead that Sweden could get inspired from, some examples are Germany, France and Australia.


Unfortunately the clip is in Swedish