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Our partner Mivanor in Bodö, Norway have incorporated Swedrop in an affluent treating facility that they manufacture and sell with excellent results:

The treatment chamber includes three to five Swedrop filters that are placed in series. Water from the collection tank passes the filter and flows on to the treatment chamber. When a defined level is achieved in this section, a circulation pump starts and recycles the water back to the filter chamber.

To achieve a fully automated process and an optimal retention time, the treatment time is controlled through the drainage situation
into the collection tank. In case of severe precipitation, treatment time is reduced in the treatment section. By

low precipitation situations, treatment time will run at an optimized processing time.

After emptying the collecting tank, the feed pump stops. The circulation pump in the treatment part, on the other hand
will continue for a while. Time is freely adjustable.

Contact Mivanor at Postboks 6094, 8031 Bodø, NORWAY. +47 952 11 919